Pro WP Care Services and Features

Crafted for WordPress, delivered by our expert team

Lightning Fast WordPress Hosting​

We use the best WordPress optimized servers to guarantee stability around the clock and lightning-fast loading speeds.​

Update & Backup Management

Keeping your website up to date, with daily backups and constant security updates, we insure the integrity of your website around the clock.​

Database Optimization​

Database is optimized for speed and efficiency, having coders, administrators and analysts work together to optimize system performance.​

Top Notch Security​

We partner with Kinsta to provide the one of the TOP managed WordPress hosting environment that includes hardware firewalls and enterprise level security at the server level for EVERY plan.​

Uptime Monitoring​

Your website is checked for uptime every 5 minutes, with immediate notification if there is a problem and lightning-fast restoration.​

Broken Links Monitoring​

We perform weekly checks for broken links and if any broken links are found, we will notify you so it can be fixed and Google Search Console updated.​

Access To Premium Plug-ins​

Depending on the plan you choose, you can save up to $1,810 annually in access to the most premium WordPress plug-ins!​

Google Analytics​

Google Analytics & Search Console are constantly monitored and improved to ensure fast loading and high ranking.​

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​

We put special emphasis on the Search Engine Optimization of your website. On-page SEO is an integral part of all successful websites.​

Google Search Console​

Our Google Search Console service insures an error-free state of your website at all times, giving you the best ranking possible in the Google search indexing.​​

Structured Data Schema​

Enhance your search result visibility with our Structured Data schema and get the most out of your search result presence.​

Performance Optimization​

We implement a precision-coordinated strategy, combining all aspects of your digital footprint being fine-tuned for optimal performance.​

Content Management​

We offer fast content updates, image optimization for fastest loading time, post your events, podcasts and more.

Website Usability​

The more usable your website is, the more business it will generate. We have developed a comprehensive usability checklist that we follow to improve the overall usability of your website.

Website Design & Development​

Depending on which plan you choose, you will have access to developer time, which could be used to design/develop pages or make improvements to existing content.

World-class Support​

We have a proactive support team, helping prevent problems before they arise. However, should you have the need to submit a support ticket, it will be resolved within 24 hours or less.

Weekly / Monthly Reports​

Detailed reports are sent out on weekly and monthly basis, depending on the plan you choose. These reports contain everything that has been worked on during previous week or month.

Pro WP Care Metrics Dashboard

Pro WP Care Metrics is a beautiful dashboard with all of the metrics to help you grow your business. Some metrics includes: Keyword Rankings, Backlink Analytics, Website Audit, Competitor Analysis, PPC Analytics, Highlight ROI, Social Analytics, Audience Growth, Engagement Metrics, Ratings, Demographics and Engagement, with over 30+ integrations.

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