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Why choose Pro WP Care?

Lightning fast hosting, bulletproof security, top optimization and expert support!

Our platform

We use the best WordPress optimized servers to guarantee stability around the clock and lightning-fast loading speeds.

Our people

You want friendly team of experts, we deliver just that! From our developers to technical support, you can count on integrity.

Our know-how

We know what it takes to secure and optimize your website for Google ranking, exposure and promotion...

Here is what you can expect from Pro WP Care

Stay Focused On Your Business

It’s in the name, care is what we deliver. You can concentrate on growing your business, and we’ll take care of your tech.

24/7 Website Monitoring

We offer comprehensive monitoring, including updates, backups, performance, analytics, search console and a lot more.

Keep Your Site

Keeping your website up to date, with daily backups and constant security updates, we insure the integrity of your website around the clock.

Extremely Fast Resolutions

Quickest response time on this side of the Mississippi River. All support tickets are resolved in 24 hours or less.

Lightning Fast WordPress Hosting

We use the best WordPress optimized servers to guarantee stability and lightning-fast loading speeds.

Fast Loading & High Ranking

Google Analytics & Search Console are constantly monitored and improved to ensure fast loading and high ranking.

Assessment and Recommendations

We assess your website for security, performance, user experience and SEO, offering recommendations and improvements.


We offer fast content updates, image optimization for fastest loading time, post your events, podcasts and more.

Design/Development Tasks

Could your website benefit from some modernization? We can keep you current with the trends, while preserving your character and authenticity.

Let us take care of your website, so you can focus on your business.

From design and development, to security, updates and optimization, we do all things WordPress.

Top reasons WordPress websites are hacked.


Outdated WordPress


Outdated Plugins


Vulnerable Hosting


Outdated Themes

We LOVE our clients and they love us too!
30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee!

We know you’re gonna love our personalized support, and we’re willing to prove it. If our service does not benefit you the way you expect within 30 days, you’ll get a full refund. We want to earn your business, and we will work hard for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

World-class Hosting INCLUDED. Although we do not require that you host with us, we do recommend our included hosting plan. Because so much of your online success is dependent upon the hosting platform you choose, we have partnered with Kinsta, one of the TOP Premium Hosting platforms for WordPress, because we believe you deserve the best! We have made it easy to stop paying for substandard hosting. Our family of clients enjoys World-class Hosting at every subscription level (yes, really, no additional cost).

SSL Certificate and Worldwide CDN INCLUDED. We want you to succeed online. To prove that, we give you some things that you usually have to pay extra for. An SSL certificate encrypts all communications with your website, giving an added layer of security and helping your overall SEO. CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides a way to deliver the files of your site from a server closest to the person looking at your site so it loads faster.

We give our clients access to premium plug-ins at no extra charge. Every website on our Perform care plans gets access to over $288/yr. value or Advance care plans gets access to over $1,810/yr. value. (Please see our plans details to see which plug-ins are included.) It’s an incredible value, considering the overall prices of our care plans.

No, not at all. There is no contract, and if you decide to cancel your Pro WP Care subscription, you can do so at any time.

We offer multi-site discounts starting from 5 sites and above. If you are an agency, marketing firm or freelancer ​and want to transfer your clients to our services, we can help you transfer them and create a plan that will suit you.

Contact us for details. Once we know more about your specific needs, we’ll be happy to put together a proposal with some attractive incentives.

There is a lot we could say about our hosting, but the simple fact that your website will be hosted on the same server we entrust with our own entirely web-based business says all that needs to be said.

But just in case it doesn’t, Pro WP Care hosting is built upon Kinsta managed WordPress hosting, the same platform that hosts Coca-Cola, HTC, Evernote, Trip Advisor, Intuit, Fresh Books and Sony Music, just to name a few.

Yes! We provide care plans specifically for the ongoing support of any eCommerce site built on WordPress. Websites with advanced functionality like this require our Perform or Advance Plan. Sites like this take more resources for us to manage, so making sure you’re on the right plan means we’ll be able to dedicate what’s needed to keep your website secure, fast and running smoothly.

We are located in the Charlotte, NC area! When you work with us, you get that great family-friendly feel with each megabit we move around the web. We work on the EST time zone.

We offer a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase of one of our plans. If you’re unsatisfied with your service for any reason during your first 30 days with us, we’ll give you back 100% of the money you gave us. We don’t offer pro-rated refunds after the first 30 days of service.

30 days money-back guarantee, does not include website redesign, development or custom integrations.

Our servers are located in Google’s Cloud Data centers. We currently have access to 20 global servers. You can view the full network here.

In short, no. Email management can be quite specialized and it’s never a good idea to host your emails on your website server. We recommend either G-Suite or Office 365 for email. We can certainly help you get started and for larger companies we can recommend some IT partners who excel in this area.

Web hosting issues are supported 24/7 via chat. Non-hosting support is available from 8 AM – 5 PM EST Monday through Friday. Any support tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.

You can securely checkout online, using your preferred debit or credit card. We don’t store any credit card details and all payments are processed by Stripe. If you prefer to receive an invoice and pay via direct debit/eCheck, please send an email to billing [at]

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